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2Pac Lie To Kick It

2Pac Lie To Kick It

(If she didn\'t wanna f**k then she never would\'ve called you) Repeated
Yeah I dedicate this to my nigga Mike Tyson.
It\'s all good.

You ain\'t got to lie to kick it
To them tricks and them bitches
Out to get a nigga\'s riches

Verse 1: Richie Rich

Jack of all trades ballin\' like Jordan you punk
fake inside the paint in fact I know you can\'t
do half of the *** that you was claimin\' in the county
Suckas on yo jock you claim you run the block
Polyurethane busta cracked in half
you claim you folding bank but I know yo bank stank
I lived around the corner I seen you fully smoked
Must I say some more you weighed a buck 04
you sold ya TV for a buck cause it was way too late
Now they sent you upstate and you done gained some weight
You\'s a baller lying to them youngstas quick
got them thinking you sick and representing yo click
But you\'s an old basehead kickin\' too much hype
yo bicentennial pipe it got rally stripes
And if they knew yo identity
you\'d probably be the victim of a sticking (ugh ugh)
You ain\'t got to lie to kick it.

Chorus 4x

Verse 2: 2Pac

You ain\'t got to lie to kick it
y\'all don\'t hear me
I got these niggas yackin\' in my face
about some *** that never took place
And what you see is what you get
that\'s what he told me
I peeped it in his pose
exposed the f**king phony
I\'m gettin\' richer so they claim to be my homie
with them bitches they be freaky
they don\'t know me
Hey it\'s gettin drastic
Gunnin niggas down cause they plastic
Sleep on a G and get that ass kicked
and stuffed in a casket
Rippin\' the *** like it\'s my muthaf**king last hit
Hey they wonder why a nigga\'s nothin\' nice
and everytime I bust a nut I f**k for Tyson
Cause I know the real on the bitch
she got to skit ya just to get a nigga\'s riches (f**k that bitch)
I pray to God that the bitch don\'t get no dick
and got a nigga screamin\' F**k That Bitch!


Verse 3: Pac & Rich

Well if a bitch\'ll be a bitch
Then a trick\'ll be a trick
I\'ve got my nigga Richie Rich and we be all up in the mix
this is Thug Life baby rollin\' hoes like Vogues
Stay the f**k up out of mine
and I\'ll stay out of yours
It\'s a Oakland thang and bitch you wouldn\'t understand
This Tanqueray got me screamin\' F**k yo\' man.
But now you beefing on the strength
that you was thinkin\' I was jocking
Hey bitch I got no time for hoes I\'m steady clockin\'
and if it ain\'t about a buck I gives a f**k
it\'s raggedy hoes like you that keep a nigga stuck
so what\'s up with them low life bitches tryin\' to play me
Bitch you better see Trojan about yo\' baby (Ha ha)
Trickin\' niggas better catch up on they pimpin\'
Cause bitches love to catch a nigga when they slipping

Chorus \'til end

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Алкоголь После Спорта - Уходим в ночь (feat. TRUEтень, Артём Татищевский) (Текст Песни, Слова)

Алкоголь После Спорта - Уходим в ночь (feat. TRUEтень, Артём Татищевский) (Текст Песни, Слова) Текст Песни Алкоголь После Спорта, TRUEтень, Артём Татищевский - Уходим в ночь В этом городе гаснет свет, Мы уходим в ночь все. В небо один билет без обратного точно, нет. Ты оставь меня в мутной...

08 05 2024 14:37:16

ГРОТ - Обитатели рая (Текст Песни, Слова)

ГРОТ - Обитатели рая (Текст Песни, Слова) Текст Песни ГРОТ - Обитатели рая Счастье кажется нам гигантским, Оглушительным и сверкающим, как салют. Встретиться с ним велики ли шансы? Вот вырасту, вот перееду, вот накоплю....

07 05 2024 13:50:57

Стас Михайлов Тебя оставлю я

Текст песни (слова) Стас Михайлов - Тебя оставлю я. Я не хочу мешать тебе, поверь Вот так внезапно мы закрыли дверь Когда то сильная любовь Уже не режет сердце в кровь Оно устало от пустых потер......

06 05 2024 12:34:52

Романсы Ария Джильды из оперы "Риголетто"

Текст песни (слова) Романсы - Ария Джильды из оперы "Риголетто". Tutte le feste al tempio Mentre pregava aldio Belloe fatale un qiovane Offriasi al quardo mio Se i labbri nostri tacquero Da ql'occhi Il cor il ......

05 05 2024 3:10:53

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