Eminem Wild One > Бунекс

Eminem Wild One

i\'d like to ask you from the start
if u could pull me out the dark
or if our love would fall apart
like cookies crumble
see i\'m a demon on the loose
i\'m like an engine with no caboose
and i need somebody who can really handle me

chorus (2x):
yeah baby im a wild one
don\'t let me run
don\'t let me get away
yeah baby im a wild wild one

i just wanna let u know girl
i\'m attracted to ur physical
but i got this lazy eye that likes to wander
u see i\'m tired of feelin alone
so if u throw this dog a bone
maybe you and i can make our house a home

chorus (2x)

oh you could be the one who saves me
or try to be the one who tames me
girl you are the one who\'s changin my way of life
i\'m tired of paintin the town with ladies
livin their lives fugazi
i\'m tired of all their lies
i think i want some real love
but girl u gotta realize

chorus (2x)

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