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2Pac Do For Love

2Pac Do For Love

cut it up loud (2pac laughs)
hey man you a little sucka for love rob word up
verse 1
i should have seen you was trouble right from the start
taught me so many lessons
i\'m not to mess with broken hearts so many questions
when this began we was the perfect match perhaps
we had some problems but we working at it now
the arguements are getting loud i wanna stay
but i can\'t help from walking out it\'s the little way
just take my hand and understand if you could see
i never planned to be your man it just wasn\'t me
but now i\'m searching for commitment in other arms
i wanna shelter you from harm don\'t be alarmed
your attitude was the cause you got me stressing
soon as i open up the door with your jealous question
like quick can i be your killing me with your jealousy
and my ambition to be free i can\'t breath
cause soon as i leave it\'s like i\'m trapped
i hear you calling me to come back i\'m a sucker for love.
what you gon do
do for love
you tried everything
but you don\'t get love (2x)
verse 2
just when i thought i broke away and i\'m feeling happy you tried to trap me said you pregnant and guess who the daddy don\'t wanna fall for it
but in this case what could i do so now i\'m back
to making promises to you
trying to keep it true
what if i\'m wrong
a trip to keep me holding on
trying to be strong in the process keep it going
about to loose my composure i\'m getting close
to packing up and leaving notes and getting ghost
tell me who knows a peaceful place where i can go
to clear my head i\'m feeling low losing control
my heart is saying leave
i wanna tangle where we weave
when we could spot into concieving now
you getting calls at the house guess you cheating
that\'s all i need to hear cause i\'m leaving
i\'m out the door
never no more will you see me this is the end
cause now i know you\'ve been cheating i\'m a sucker for love
verse 3
now he left in scars,tears on your pillow when you still stayed
as you sit and pray hoping the beatings a go away
it wasn\'t always a hit and run relationship
it use to be love, happiness and companionship
remember when i treated you good
i moved up to the hills out the ills of the ghetto hood
me and u were happy home when it was on
i had a love to call my own
i should have seen you was trouble
but i was lost trap in your eyes
pre-occupied in getting tossed
no need to lie
you had a man and i knew it you told me
don\'t worry about it we could do it
now i\'m under pressure
make a decision cause i\'m waiting when i\'m all alone
i\'m the phone having secret conversations uh
i wanna take your mysery
replace it with happiness but i need your faith in me
i\'m a sucker for love

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25/17 Жду чуда 2

25/17 Жду чуда 2 Текст песни (слова) 25/17 - Жду чуда 2. После переаттестации мент не станет копом. Как ни старайся, в России не будет хип-хопа. Доверчивых подростков имеют взрослые - Я всё это понял слиш......

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2Pac Ratha Be Ya Nigga Текст песни (слова) 2Pac - Ratha Be Ya Nigga. Intro: Richie Rich, 2Pac [RR] Pac [PAC] Hey [RR] What's happenin [PAC] Not motherf**kin double R, Richie Rich [RR] What's happenin baby, you kn......

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Кравц В полной темноте

Кравц В полной темноте Текст песни (слова) Кравц - В полной темноте. А я долго ходил,я думал о тебе,я искал везде Я представлял,какая ты Мимо левых тем, в этих четырех стенах проблем, Мои мысли летят,какая ты Туда г......

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Дискотека Авария Качели

Дискотека Авария Качели Текст песни (слова) Дискотека Авария - Качели. Когда, случается, что-то пошло не так, Мы задаемся вопросом – кто виноват, И думаем, что кто-то там Мешает сбыться нашим мечтам. Каждый может все ......

03 06 2024 22:50:19

Иван Дорн Город

Иван Дорн Город Текст песни (слова) Иван Дорн - Город. В этот любимый город Всегда есть вернуться повод. Простите, а что здесь такого?! Это с детства любимый город. Старые крыши, я был пониже, Те же......

02 06 2024 18:42:37

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