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2Pac Picture Me Rollin'

2Pac Picture Me Rollin'

Yeah, clear enough for ya.
Why ni**as look mad.
y\'all supposed to be happy I\'m free.
Y\'all look like you wanted me to stay in jail
Old busters.

Picture me rollin\' in my 500 benz.
I got no love for these ni**as,
There\'s no need to be friends.
They got me under surveillance.
That\'s what somebody be tellin\' me.
Known as don\'t be insulted.
but I ain\'t the one tellin\'.
Don\'t want to be another number.
I got a f**kin\' gang of weed to keep from goin under.
The fed alone wanna see me dead.
ni**as put prices on my head.
Now I got 2 rottweilers by me bed.
I feed em lead.
Now on release.
How will I live?
Will God forgive me for all the dirt a ni**a did?
To feed kids.
One life to live.
It\'s so hard to be positive
When ni**as shootin at your crib.
Mama, I\'m still thuggin\'
The world is a war zone.
My homies is inmates
And most of them dead grown
Full grown, finally a man
Just sceamin on ways to put some green inside the palms
Of my empty hands.
Just picture me rollin\'.
Flossin a benz on rims that isn\'t stolen.
My dreams is censored.
My hopes are gone.
I\'m like a fiend that finally see when all the dope is gone.
My nerves is wrecked.
Heart beatin\' and my hands is swollen.
Thinkin of the G\'s I\'ll be holdin.
Picture me rollin.
Can you see me now
Move to the side a little bit so you can get a clear picture
Can you see it?
Pictue me rollin.
Yeah ni**a
Eh, but picture how my ni**a Syke duke do it.
Guess who\'s back?

I got keys comin from overseas.
Cost a ni**a 200 G\'s.
I\'m a street commando.
Nino for example.
This lavish lifestyle is hard to handle.
So I got to floss \'cause I\'m rollin like a boss playa.
Thug granted to be a women layer
So mny playa haters, imitators steady swangin.
Make me wanna start bank bangin.
So I\'m caught up in the game.
Let\'s go change.
Packin 40 glocks.
Contain or rearrange.
All that jealousy and envy comin from my enemies
While I\'m sippin on green leaves(?)
In front of black lexuses, chevies on the roam.
96 big bodies sittin on chrome
As we head up out the zone,
Stone facing is on.
You can admire, but don\'t look too long.
I\'m livin a dream with triple beams and my pockets bulgin.
It\'s hard to imagine.
Picture me rollin.

I gots to get the f**k up in.
Goin to lay a caper.
\'cause a ni**a straight sufferin from lack of havin paper.
My bi**h fin to have a bastard, see?
So I need to hit a lick, drastically.
I see some bald head a*s ni**as and they slippin in my spot
And, uh, diggin in the pots.
Check in the park, Pac.

We caught em sleepin.
We didn\'t think you ni**as creepin.
This how we do it every weekend
And I dump for madness
It\'s time to count the profit.
CPO, we got the bomb spot.
ni**a, time to clock it.
I get the liquor and you could get the females.
This crooked s**t can reinflict and get the street sales.

Move smooth as a mother f**ker, me and my 9.
I\'m cool as a mother f**ker, I\'m a get mine.
Now we satisfied.
Got the pockets on swollen.
Boss hog and this Pac ni**a.
Picture us rollin.

Heh, heh, heh.
Y\'all ready for me?
Picture me rollin roll call.
You know there\'s some mother f**kers out there
I just could not forget about.
I wanna make sure they can see me.
Number one on my list: Clinton Correctional Facilities,
All you bi**h a*ses.
Can you ni**as see me from there?
Ballin on all y\'all punk a*s.
Heh, ha ha!
Picture me rollin, baby.
Yeah, all you ni**as up in them cell blocks,
I told yall ni**as when I come home it\'s on.
That\'s right ni**a, picture me rollin
Oh, I forgot....the DA
Yeah, that bi**h had a lot to talk about in court.
Can the ho see me from here?
Can you see me, ho?
Picture me rollin\'.
And all you punk police, can you see me?
Am I clear to you?
Picture me rollin\' ni**a, legit.
Free like OJ all day
You can\'t stop me.
You know I got my ni**as up in this mother f**ker.
Noope, ?, Syke, Rollcall, Mopreme
Can you picture us rollin?
Can you see me ho?
Is y\'all ready for me .
We up out this bi**h.
Any time y\'all wanna see me again,
Rewind this track right here, close your eyes
And picture me rollin.

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Пелагея Под лаской плюшевого пледа Текст песни (слова) Пелагея - Под лаской плюшевого пледа. Под лаской плюшевого пледа Вчерашний вызываю сон. Что это было? - Чья победа? - Кто побежден? Кто побежден… Все передумываю снова, Всем перему......

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Алиса Понедельник

Алиса Понедельник Текст песни (слова) Алиса - Понедельник. Утро, понедельник, Тяжело вставать, За окном горит фонарь. Он мне всю ночь мешал спать. Улица, машины, Мокрый тротуар, В заспанных витринах Отр......

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2Pac Thugs Get Lonely Too

2Pac Thugs Get Lonely Too Текст песни (слова) 2Pac - Thugs Get Lonely Too. Ha ha, ha ha Yeh u crazy See, it ain't easy bein' me, Life as a celebrity is less than heavily, I got these fakes and these back-stabbers chasin' ......

06 06 2024 23:31:46

Ария Кровь королей

Ария Кровь королей Текст песни (слова) Ария - Кровь королей. Голос, певший тебе в ночи, замолчал навсегда И сгорают в огне свечи за годами года Те, кого ты всю жизнь любил, у небесных ворот А король, властели......

05 06 2024 20:43:51

Ария Закат

Ария Закат Текст песни (слова) Ария - Закат. Я вижу, как закат стёкла оконные плавит. День прожит, а ночь оставит тени снов в углах. Мне не вернуть назад серую птицу печали, Всё в прошлом, как......

04 06 2024 7:28:40

Детские песни В себя поверить важно

Детские песни В себя поверить важно Текст песни (слова) Детские песни - В себя поверить важно. (из м/ф «А вдруг получится!») Запомни это навсегда: в себя поверить важно. Не сомневайся никогда, не бойся быть отважным! А если сомневаешься и......

03 06 2024 16:24:33

Валерия Обручальная

Текст песни (слова) Валерия - Обручальная. Летело время летела жизнь как год за два Друг друга нам рассмотреть далось едва-едва Менялись песни и города Менялась мода, менялась я И тол......

02 06 2024 2:38:49

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