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2Pac Ratha Be Ya Nigga

2Pac Ratha Be Ya Nigga

Intro: Richie Rich, 2Pac

[RR] Pac
[PAC] Hey
[RR] What\'s happenin
[PAC] Not motherf**kin double R, Richie Rich
[RR] What\'s happenin baby, you know how we do it
[PAC] Yeah nigga, you know I\'m up out this bitch
It\'s time for me to uhhh regulate
[RR] Fo\' sho\', hey
[PAC] Observe
[RR] and you ain\'t goin back
[PAC] Nah nah nah, we got to show these motherf**kers whassup though
[RR] This is for the honeys, the super sluts
[PAC] I don\'t want to be her man, I want to be her nigga
You feel me?
[RR] Well let em know

Verse One: 2Pac, Richie Rich

You f**kin wit niggaz that\'s insecure, watered down, my *** is pure
Write down my number but don\'t call me til you sure
I ain\'t beggin just tryin to relocate between ya legs
Drippin wet, as we experiment in sweaty sех
When you met me you wouldn\'t let me, and now
you straight beggin to sех me got you undressin to test me and uhh..

Shut me down if ya want, and miss the chance to do it live
When I stroll by, I see that look in yo\' eye
You want a nigga, but think that you can\'t have a nigga
Don\'t cheat yourself, instead treat yourself
If you scared go to church, I know it hurts
To find out me and your man be sharin skirts

I hopin you don\'t take this the wrong way
But your body is bangin got me attracted in a strong way
After a long day of tryin to make my songs pay
Makin love all day against the wall in the hallway
Ya fantasies come alive, ya heart rate
shall increase when we meet up in this dark place
You might think you\'re happy with him
but that\'s a lie, so give this Thug a try
I\'d rather be ya nigga

Chorus: 2Pac

I\'d rather be ya N-I-G-G-A
So we can get drunk and smoke weed all day
It don\'t matter if you lonely baby, you need a Thug in your life
Cause busters ain\'t lovin you right
(repeat 2X)

Verse Two: 2Pac, Richie Rich

Look, now you was sprung from the introduction
My conversation\'s full of game yet laced with seductions
I see ya blushin like ya want somethin, come get a taste
of Amerikaz Most Wanted and let\'s get into some touchin, erotic f**kin
My up and down with no interruptions
have no intentions of bustin until you learn ya lesson
Now many questions are often asked, a drop top, 500 Benz
and plenty cash, to help a nigga get the ass

You can ride out the spoke coke, to get your lobster and crab
Cause all I got is conversation and a gang of stab
and I\'ma listen when it hurts, I\'ma hang out but never stay
Smoke blunts but leave them stunts up to Super Dave
I\'ll be your nigga, as long as we can understand
that I\'s the nigga whose spoke coke can be the man
He wine and dine, but me and you we whine and grind
And when I\'m on the field keep him on the sidelines


Verse Three: 2Pac, Richie Rich

Now it\'s time for the moment of truth, I got ya naked
Totally sweatin, let\'s see how hot I can make it
Tongue kissin til yo\' head swang, I\'m so into you
Witness a nigga make the bed bang
If it\'s all mine, then let me know, now scream my name out
Do you want it fast or shall I hit it slow?
Not to mention, the multiple positions I inflict
A boss playa, freaky motherf**ker, can I dig

Uhh, it\'s on and poppin, now you seed what I was seein
Why yo\' eyes rollin, Luke seen ya girl I ain\'t goin
nowhere, let\'s let that sucker stay out there
While he\'s stresed out and knock I stretch out the ***
Hold da boots, and let da nigga execute
And though you got it right, I\'m goin home tonight

You say you don\'t need a man, but I don\'t care
You in the presence of a playa, I\'d rather be ya nigga

Chorus 2.25X

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Денис Майданов Осторожно, любовь

Текст песни (слова) Денис Майданов - Осторожно, любовь. В гpyдь, как горячий свинец, птицами в душу летит Это любовь — бесполезны пароли защит. Сколько разбитых сердец, пряча осколки молчит? Сколько......

04 06 2024 11:14:49

Время и Стекло Прости меня

Время и Стекло Прости меня Текст песни (слова) Время и Стекло - Прости меня. Прости меня, мне время нужно К тебе душа не равнодушна И что во мне необъяснимо Ведь я тебе необходима Пойми меня мне ждать так трудно Хочу я р......

03 06 2024 2:49:25

Иван Дорн Танець пiнгвiна

Иван Дорн Танець пiнгвiна Текст песни (слова) Иван Дорн - Танець пiнгвiна. Коли я ходжу по мiстi На мене тиснуть люди Я бачу їхнi руки Я бачу їхнi губи -А- Я довго ходжу по мiстi Мене нервує небо То є не моє небо То ......

02 06 2024 15:26:56

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