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2Pac There U Go

there u go.....acting like a hoe....
(I don\'t know why I\'ll be f**king wit ch\'u)

Was it the liqour
that makes me act blind?
the times I\'m with her
ananomous pictures
of other niggas tryin to kiss her
will i love her,or shall I dis her
I\'m sick of this scandalous shit I deal wit
tryin to paint a perfect picture!
My momoriez of jeliousy no longer care free....
Cause so much bullshit your girlfriendz keep tellin me
I\'m on tall but now my bedroomz an open door
so it got me thinking what am i tryin for?
When I was young I was so very dumb
Eger to please, a lil\'Trick on a mission tryin 2 get\'em up P
Me and my niggaz is Thug niggaz!, forming no Drug Dealerz!
We don\'l love bitchez!,and believe they don\'t love niggaz!
I got\'em plain by attraction
But you became a distraction a threat to my paper stacking
I thought you\'d change, but now i know
Can\'t turn a hoe into a house wife baby
And there u go.......

There u there u go, acting like a hoe
There u there u go, acting like a hoe!
there u there u go, acting like a hoe
Acting like a hoe, acting like a hoe!
See tha word on tha streetz your
just a groopy on a world tour
Now I find out for myself your
Girl you nedd to check yourself.......

You need to check this, I got this game twisted
so I don\'t claim\'em, just bang\'em...
Papa raised a playa, so playa I\'ll play\'em
I got hoez, that got more hoez than me
So how I love getting hooked like I ain\'t got G
Truly, cutie, booty babe!
But that ain\'t enough
And tha head make me bag, still that just ain\'t enough
When I don\'t trust her, bitch be lien too much
She be dieing to f**k me, you be buying tha stuff....

[Young Noble]
See old friend I know.. there is more finish it

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