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2Pac What'z Ya # Number

2Pac What'z Ya # Number

What\'z ya phone number
Now I could make miracles with pimp hoes.
It\'s instrumental.
Waitin for the nimphoes.
That\'s the intro.
Shoot when ya rush me.
Walked up and touched me.
Why? Do you want to f**k me?
Just \'cause I\'m paid in the worst way? True.
Lookin kind a good in your birthday suit.
I wonder if your wild and ya act shy.
Do you like to be on top or the back side?
Watch me while you lick your lips, shake your hips.
Goddamn, I love that ***.
Yo, let\'s stop fakin and be real now.
I got a room and a hard on. Still down?
Met ya standin at a bar full of black dudes.
Said ya wanna see my scars and my tatooes.
When we head for my hideout, act right.
Boss playa when I ride out, that\'s right.
What\'z ya phone number?

If you really wanna f**k with me, I\'m ready.
Baby, let me give you a call.
How long will it take to break you off?
(Repeat once more)

Oh ***, baby is a dime piece.
Wanted this fine seat.
If I see ya right.
Now she can get me.
Hor didn\'t wanna talk to me till she see my car.
Never had sez with a rich rap star
Till I got her in the back of my homeboy\'s car.
Tell me, why do we live this way?
Money over bitches.
Let me here you say:
What\'z your phone number?
Are you alone?
Got a pocket full of rubbers, let\'s bone.
Time for your girlfriend to take you home.
I had fun,
But baby, gotta leave me alone.
Picture in my rhyme.
Take time to rewind these ? words I say.
If you open your mind,
Bet in a minute you\'ll find it\'s time.
Let the Outlaws play.
What\'z ya phone number.

Chorus repeats 2X

(Girl and Tupac converse)
2:Hello? who is this?
G:Is this Tupac?
2:This is who?
G:Is this Tupac?
2:Yeah, it\'s Tupac. Who dis?
G:Hi baby. How are you?
2:I\'m aiight. What\' up baby?
G:You don\'t recognize the voice?
2:You recognize my voice, huh?
G:Do you recognize MY voice?
2:Nah, I know you?
G:Yeah, you know me. I guess you don\'t recognize me when I\'m talkin.
2:Where I know you from? Where I know you from?
G:You just know me, baby.
2:Where? Talk up I can\'t barely hear you.
G:You know me from when we were, you know, intimate.
2:Oh, we f**ked?
G:Oh baby, did we ever.
2:Oh, tell me about it baby.
G:I remember when I put that big dick in my hand and
stroked it up and down.
G:Then I put it in my mouth. I f**ked it.
2:Ooh, you did.
G:Ooh, I did.
G:F**ked it and f**ked it. Put me in. You came.
2:Did I come?
G:Ooh, baby: everywhere, everywhere. You don\'t remember me yet?
2:I\'m starting to get a picture. Why don\'t you help me out.
What did I do to the pussy? What a nigga do to the pussy?
G:You rocked it.
2:Did I?
G:Yeah, you did.
2:Did I do some of that Thug Passion?
2:Heh, heh. Eh, so what cha doin right now, though?
G:Me and my finger are gettin aquainted.
2:How many you got?
G:I got ten. But only one is workin.
2:Oh, well can I come over there?
G:If you want to.
2:Do I want to? Do a bear *** in the woods and
wipe his ass with a rabbit.
G:Mmm. You gon rock it baby?
2:Hell yeah, I\'m gon rock it baby.
G:Like you did before?
2:No dizoubt. You gon feel that Thug Passion for real.
G:Mmmm, baby.
2:I\'m on my way though. I\'m about to fly over there in a 500.
It ain\'t gon take but a minute. Eh, light the candles.
Get the baby oil out. Turn all the lights out. Drink a little
bit of that ***. I\'m on my way babe. I\'m gon knock that pussy
to the next week.
G:Knock it out, baby, knock it out.
2:I\'m gon knock the taste out yo mouth, girl. I\'m gon put your legs on
your head. I\'m a tie you up, blindfold you. And we gon play which hole
feel the best.
G:You know which hole feel the best.
2:We fin to see tonight, though.
G:I\'m gon make you remember me.
2:Oh, yeah.
2:Oh yeah, you got my dick hard. I can\'t find the steering shift you got me
so f**ked up. I\'m playin with myself and ***.
G:Can I shift your gear?

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Агата Кристи Tрaнcилвания

Агата Кристи Tрaнcилвания Текст песни (слова) Агата Кристи - Tрaнcилвания. Открытая дверь Hа свежей земле Под землей кипит работа Бесы варят позолоту Там в пещере Алладин Всемогущ и невидим Там внизу твоя могила До сви......

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Алла Пугачева На Тихорецкую состав отправится

Алла Пугачева На Тихорецкую состав отправится Текст песни (слова) Алла Пугачева - На Тихорецкую состав отправится. На Тихорецкую состав отправится. Вагончик тронется, перрон останется. Стена кирпичная, часы вокзальные, Платочки белые, платочки белые Платочки бе......

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Алсу Если рядом ты

Алсу Если рядом ты Текст песни (слова) Алсу - Если рядом ты. Сжалось небо в свинцовую тучу И застыло в сомнениях оно: Раскидать ли снегом по земле невезучей, Непогоду впустить за окно. Ты укутаешь в любовь......

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Eminem No One's Iller Than Me

Eminem No One's Iller Than Me Текст песни (слова) Eminem - No One's Iller Than Me. [Bizarre] Yeah...ha ha ha (BANG!), Yeah, Bizarre Kid comin' at you Eminem and Fuzz, and Mr. Swifty, ha ha No one's iller than me (wha?) No o......

10 08 2023 10:45:34

Трофим Салонный романс

Текст песни (слова) Трофим - Салонный романс. Говорят, что в любовных историях Предисловья, сродни хвастовству Вот и я предложил от теории Перейти, так сказать, к естеству Между нами прошло ......

09 08 2023 1:48:36

Adele Lovesong

Adele Lovesong Текст песни (слова) Adele - Lovesong. [Verse 1:] Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am home again Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am whole again W......

08 08 2023 9:25:47

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