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2Pac Words 2 My First Born - Above The Law

2Pac Words 2 My First Born - Above The Law

Hehehe, these are my words to my first born..

Can you picture, young niggaz in a rush to grow
til hard timers in the pen, had to crush his throat
Probably never even saw it comin - too busy bull***tin
Caught him with his mouth runnin; ain\'t this a bitch
They got me twisted in this game
The feds and the punk, po-lice pointin pistols at my brain
I wonder if I\'m wrong cause I\'m thugged out
My homies murdered execution style runnin in the drug house
what was supposed to be a easy hit - now *** is flipped
cause niggaz died over bull*** - it\'s not my dream
I\'m seein pictures of a broken man, no witnesses
Only the questions of who smoked the man, young adolescents
in our prime live a life of crime, though it ain\'t logical
We hobble through these tryin times, livin blind
Lord help me with my troubled soul
Why all my homies had to die \'fore they got to grow?
And right before I put my head on the pillow, say a prayer one love
to the thugs in heaven I\'ll see you there
It\'s written for the young and dumb that wasn\'t warned
Help you make it through the storm
My words to my first born, feel me

.. My words to my first born
.. My words to my first born

Since my very first day on this earth, I was cursed
So I knew, that the birth of a child would make my life worse
And though it hurt me there was no distortion
Cause wild seeds can\'t grow, we need more abortions
Quiet your soul, cause you know what you had to do
And so did victims of a world they never came to
I understand it\'s a better day comin
Sometimes cats be sleepin on the dead end
drivin with the car runnin blinded
Ain\'t no love in the hood only hearts torn
Love letters to the innocent and unborn
All the babies that died up on the table
Wasn\'t able to breathe, cause the family wasn\'t able
Can\'t - blame her I would do the same
All I could give it was my debt and my last name
Cause in the game things change livin up and down
This hard life got me walkin with my head down
Flashin frowns wasn\'t meant to be, was I wrong?
But I\'ll never get to know, so I carry on
It\'s written for the young and dumb that wasn\'t born
My words to my first born, feel me

.. My words to my first born
.. Mmm! (Yeah) These are the words to my first born
.. Hey nigga talk to your born, talk to your seed nigga

[Above the Law]
Two thousand somethin somethin it\'s a new era
A nigga\'s too real, now see *** too clear
See there\'s more than just this scrilla and this tilt
(What else is it dawg?)
The velvet and the silk, and makin sure my kittens got they milk
(Hoo!) Gotta fill this mattress, let my kids know I\'m at this
Attack this, the Mack must roll, hood stroll
Ain\'t no question is it? Above the Law hustlers
If it\'s related to chips, homey we\'ll handle ya

Although we never take advantage though we always into ery\'thang
By all means, stack green, gangsta lean
They say money make the world go \'round
So only \'ssociate yourself with paper chasers
and niggaz that\'s truly down - and keep God first
And give thanks for the good times, as well as when it hurts
It\'s player haters every corner you hit
Touchin their ***, hella thick, tryin to get you for yo\' grip
I know you stressed out and fed up
But come out, gun-blazin, and keep yo\' head up
You can call it what you want to but it ain\'t gon\' change
Above the Law, 2Pac, O.G.\'s in this rap game
And we done lived a long hard life
And we done shed so many tears under these bright lights
Y\'all, although we grew up, corrupted and scorned
We still got a lot of wisdom, to give to our first born

What you gon\' tell your kids nigga?
Who was you? What was you doin? How did you put it down?
These my words to my motherf**kin first born
so they can know, y\'knahmean? Hehehe
Ain\'t nuttin but a motherf**kin rider, Wessyde \'til I die
That\'s all it was, it\'s a crooked-ass hand they deal a motherf**ker
I just played to win, just played to win
Motherf**ker gotta bet agains the odds..

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Shot Солнце Текст песни (слова) Shot - Солнце. Это всего лишь сон, помоги же встать И проснуться мне, я так хочу увидеть дом и наше море. Тогда научи меня снова летать, Я потрачу силы до пред......

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Братья Грим Утром

Братья Грим Утром Текст песни (слова) Братья Грим - Утром. Ягоды, вишни, пьяная дурная трын-трава Мы словно мыши Мы пальцы ломаем бережно Я скажу правду невозможную и сразу застыну Пусть я теряю, пусть ......

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Miley Cyrus Ashtrays and Heartbreaks (ft. Snoop Lion)

Miley Cyrus Ashtrays and Heartbreaks (ft. Snoop Lion) Текст песни (слова) Miley Cyrus - Ashtrays and Heartbreaks (ft. Snoop Lion). [Verse 1: Snoop Lion] Tonight, there's gonna be a whole lot of smoke in the air Blow it hard for the ones who ain't here Seems like every day we're......

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Пелагея Казак

Пелагея Казак Текст песни (слова) Пелагея - Казак. Шел казак на побывку домой. Шел он лесом, дорогой прямой. Обломилась доска, Подвела казака, Искупался в воде ледяной. Он зашел на крутой бережо......

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Katy Perry Dressing up

Katy Perry Dressing up Текст песни (слова) Katy Perry - Dressing up. Saucer of milk, table for 2 You wanna pet my kitty, your such a dirty doggy. Its your lucky night, cause Im in the mood, Im feeling spicy, Im fe......

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ABBA The Visitors

ABBA The Visitors Текст песни (слова) ABBA - The Visitors. I hear the door-bell ring and suddenly the panic takes me The sound so ominously tearing through the silence I cannot move, I'm standing Numb and f......

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Paul McCartney See your sunshine

Paul McCartney See your sunshine Текст песни (слова) Paul McCartney - See your sunshine. She makes me feel glad I want her so bad My heart is beating madly for her If you ask me why (if you ask me why) I'm not going to lie (i'm not......

18 04 2023 19:23:33

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