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Linkin Park Tupac and Biggie Tribute

September 13th 1996 Tupac in the mix
of some Sug Night bullsh*t
nobody saw it comin
nobody knew what hit
its been almost 7 years since you been gone
we all miss you dawg
thats why i wrote this song
from "me against the world"
to "all eyes on me"
you was a real mother f*cker
yeah you made me see
you made me see

i said nobody saw it comin
nobody even knows why
somebody please tell me why
you had to die

March 9th 1997 LA california
another 1-8-7
you were ready to die
just like your album said
so many player haters
that wana see you dead
took the game of brooklyn
gave it to the world
your whole life revolved around
rap and your little girl
so many rappers out there tryna bite your style
even Em and 50 and 8 mile
you were the man the myth the legend
wonder if you and pac made peace in heaven


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