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2Pac Check Out Time

2Pac Check Out Time

Intro: 2Pac

Ay what time is it nigga? (I don\'t know)
Oh ***, 12 o\'clock
Oh ***, we got to get the f**k up outta here (hell yeah)
Nigga, it\'s check out time nigga
Hey call up Kurupt, call Daz room (hey there bitch, where Suge at nigga?)
Call Suge, call all the niggaz tell em to meet me downstairs
(Where K and them niggaz at man?)
Tell the valet, bring the Benz around
(Ay y\'all seen my shoes?)
Hey Kurupt, y\'all niggaz drivin or y\'all flyin back, whassup?
(Kurupt: Man, I\'m rollin man, f**k that ***)
Hey Syke nigga, come on man, get up out the bathroom fool
(F**k that, I lost some money nigga)
Aw nigga, damn

Verse One: 2Pac

Now I\'m up early in the mornin breath stinkin as I\'m yawnin
Just another sunny day in California
I got my mind focused on some papers while I\'m into sехy capers
Give a holla to them hoochies last night that tried to rape us
Will these rap lyrics take us, plus room all up in Vegas
I\'m a boss playa, death before I let these bitches break us
Last night was like a fantansy, Alize and Hennessee
A hoochie and her homie dirty dancin with my man and me
Told her I was interested, picture all the *** we did
I got her hot and horny, all up on me, what a freaky bitch
First you argued, then I fight it, til you lick me where I like it
Got a nigga all excited, it don\'t matter just don\'t bite it
I never got to check out the scence
Too busy trying to dig a hole in your jeans
Now it seems, it\'s check out time

Chorus: 2Pac

We gotta go (2X)
Gotta go, gotta go
Yeah baby, hahaha, it\'s check it out time
We gotta go (4X)
Gotta go nigga, gotta go (y\'all know what time it is)
Ay, c\'mon man get y\'all bags man call that valet motherf**ker
Tell him to get a nigga shoe, cause we out this motherf**ker

Verse Two: Kurupt

They label me an outlaw, so it\'s time for the panty raid
My fantansies came true, with Janet on, I\'m in a Escapade
But did it all end too soon
All the homies runnin through the halls room to room, so I assume
Since I\'m a playa like my nigga Syke
Then it\'s only right for me to disappear into the night
My game\'s Trump tight, so I find time to recline
Sneak into your room, instant Messiah, *** wines of all kinds
I ain\'t got that much time
So hurry up and pop the Dom and let me hit it from behind
Since I\'m only here for one night, I got to get you hot and heated
Play like Micheal Jackson, and Beat It
One more thing I like to mention, I\'m done and I\'m out
cause there\'s someone else who deserves my atttention
So all the homies round up in the lobby
Cause busting bitches is a hobby, nigga
It\'s check out time

Chorus: Kurupt

We gotta go (8X)
Aiyyo man \'Pac ay where the where the f**k is Daz at man?
This nigga locked up or somethin
The only one not to leave
Yo man it\'s check out time, it\'s time to get out this mother
You seem them bitches?
We out man, f**k that ***
Yo Rece! Yo nigga whassup?

Verse Three: Syke

Hey I\'m livin the life of a boss playa
The front desk callin but I\'m checkin out later
My behaviour is crazy, from what you did to me baby
If walls could talk, they\'d say, you tried to fade me
I\'m puttin in work, but didn\'t hurt from the ja\'causezi to the bed
Carressin your thoughts, cause I\'m livin Fed
Heard what I said? Passion is crashin the room
From the liquor we consumed I heard a boom
I\'m blackin out, you\'re yellin out \'Big Syke Daddy\'
We did it in the caddy on the highway, my way
I\'m lost in a dream, and so it seemed, to be the night
Five bottles of Cristal and I\'m still tight
Out of sight, for \'Pac and Kurupt
As I get it up, once the doors close you stuck
In a heaty, sticky situation
Get up baby, you ain\'t on vacation
It\'s check out time

Chorus: Syke

We gotta go (8X)
Ay, it\'s check out time
Ay \'Pac, nigga where my motherf**kin, where my shoes go nigga?
Where my motherf**kin drawers and *** at man?
Man y\'all niggaz was in here partyin too f**kin much
What the f**k y\'all doin nigga?
Kurupt, go tell Daz man and Bogart and the rest of them niggaz
c\'mon man, niggaz is trippin man
Front desk all callin me tellin me to get the hell outta here man
We gotta go (8X)
I ain\'t got no more money, somebody loan me a hundred

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16 04 2024 18:40:27

Гражданская оборона Песня о большом прожорище

Текст песни (слова) Гражданская оборона - Песня о большом прожорище. Вот и свершилось большое прожорище Праздничный шёпот в мышиной норе Сорные искры в белёсом пожарище В сердце — вареник, беляш — в голове. Это — ве......

15 04 2024 3:34:55

Джиган - Мой мир (feat. Asti) (Текст Песни, Слова)

Текст Песни Джиган - Мой мир (feat. Asti) Первый Куплет: Спасибо Боже, за всё, что дал мне. За жену и за дочь, это главное. За их глаза, точь в точь, как папины. Мы с ними, одно целое, к...

14 04 2024 11:13:14

Звери Пингвины

Звери Пингвины Текст песни (слова) Звери - Пингвины. Делай, что захочешь И не будет стыдно Прыгай и соскочешь - Это очевидно Красные чернила, Умываю руки Ты меня учила Нежно и без звука Припев:......

13 04 2024 21:33:18

Алиса Плач

Алиса Плач Текст песни (слова) Алиса - Плач. Печальна ночь, Капризен день, И прячет дождь Рассвета тень. Туда, где ждут Снять урожай, Я ухожу, Не провожай. Перекати-поле С Дона до Ангары......

12 04 2024 18:22:31

Анна Герман Вы хотели мне что-то сказать

Анна Герман Вы хотели мне что-то сказать Текст песни (слова) Анна Герман - Вы хотели мне что-то сказать. Осень лес опалила огнем, Серый дождь баpaбанит уныло, И понятней теперь с каждым днем, Что любовь не навек приходила Листьям падать, дождинкам ......

11 04 2024 23:56:23

Katy Perry Thinking Of You

Katy Perry Thinking Of You Текст песни (слова) Katy Perry - Thinking Of You. Comparasons are easily done once you've had a taste of perfection like an apple handing from a tree I pick the ripest on i still got the seed yo......

10 04 2024 1:15:28

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