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2Pac Got My Mind Made Up

2Pac Got My Mind Made Up

Verse One: Daz

You find an MC like me who\'s strong
Leavin motherf**ker\'s aborted, with no verbal support
And when I command the microphone I gets deadly as Kahn though
With a bear and a snake and a panda, I\'m on those
Who can withstand, the mo\' power I gain
and make it possible for me to drop a few to wreck ya brain
Imagine and keep on wishin upon a star
Finally realizing who the f**k we are
When I penetrate, it\'s been withstandin, faded
would it be the greatest MC of all time
When I created rhyme for the simple fact
When I attack I crush your pride
My intention to ride, every time all night
I\'m faced with the scars beyond this one bar
for me to put down my guard, I\'m faced with it, I\'m a ride
breakin in gas with the six-eight all day
In and out with my pay
I\'m soon to count the bodies...

Verse Two: Tupac

So mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation
So you can be more familiar with tha nigga you facin
We must be based on nothin better than communication
Known to damage and highly flamable like gas stations
Sorry I left that ass waitin
No more procrastination give up to fate, and get that asss shakin
I\'m bustin and makin motherf**kers panic
Don\'t take ya life for granted put that ass in the dirt
You swear the bitch was planted
My lyrics motivate the planet
It\'s similar to Rhythm Nation
but thugged out, forgive me Janet
Who\'s in control I\'m acvtivatin yo souls
You know, the way the games get controlled
Yo, two years ago, a friend of mine
Told me Alize and Cristal blows your mind
Bear witness to the dopest f**kin rhyme I wrote
Takin off my coat, clearing my throat

Chorus: Method Man

I got my mind made up, come on... [come on]
get in get in too [get on it]
let it ride [get wit it] tonight\'s tha night
I got my mind made up, come on...
get in get in too
let it ride... tonight\'s tha night

Verse Three: Kurupt

Well I comes through with two packs
of the bomb prophalaks for protection
So my f**kin sac won\'t collapse
Cause nowaday\'s, ***\'s evading the x-rays
Sending young motherf**kers to an early grave
I wonder, if my terrifying tactics of torturing MC\'s
shows my heart\'s as cold as the tundra
Electryfing like thunder, I\'m just too much
Rough and raw with that motherf**kin poisonous touch
I\'m an MC with lyrics that\'s tha f**kin bom-bay
Ya got dissed, that\'s before it\'s ingest like balmay
My rhymes, I leave a mark on ya mind
As the deadly vibes spread through ya head like sand pine
There\'s no escape, nah I ain\'t blastin
I use my mental to assassinate assassin\'s for those askin
Opposed to laughin, raw maniacal villian
Laughter enhances the chances of tha killin
Why is that? \'cause smilin faces decieve
You best believe, to MC\'s I\'m the deadliest disease
My thoughts rip ya throat and make it hard to breathe
Ya whole camp\'s under seige, and I\'m Jason Vorhees
In the heat of the night is when I defeat and ignite mikes
My verbal snipe, your vocab on site
I\'m out tha cut, uncut and raw with no clause for all
So all my rhymes hit and split tha bricks on the wall
Ya already have an idea about tha superior sphere
The greater rhyme creator on both sides of tha equator
I rock from here to there, to Philly and back
To LA on the spot where I rock and bust like straps
As your views get overshadowed when you come in contact
Beware, set and prepare to enter verbal combat

Verse Four: Method Man

F**k you losers, while you fake jacks I makes maneuvers
like Hitler, stickin up [jews] wit german [lugers]
The Mr. Meth-Tical from Staten Isle
Will be back after this mess-age don\'t touch tha dial
Rarely do you see an MC out for justice
Got my gun powder and my musket -- blaooow!!
Melons get swellings, I paint mental pictures like Magellen
Half of my Clan\'s three deep felons
Niggaz best protect they joints for Nine-Nickel
Man I stay on point like icicles
Now who wanna test Tical then touch Tical
All up in your motherf**kin mouth
Head banger boogie
Catch me on tour with Al Doogie
Method Man roll too tight, you can pull me
Better take one and pass or that\'s that ass
Your vital statistics are low and fallin fast
Johnny Blaze out to get loot like Johnny Cash
Play a game of Russian Roulette and have a blast

Verse Five: Redman

Aiyyo, lyrical gas spittin tha criminal tactics
Non-believers get my dick and *** backwards
Let\'s face it, there\'s no replacement
Taste this, mad underground basement, *** I\'m laced with
Avalanche on ya whole camp when I\'m splifted
Funk Doctor who? Spock bitch don\'t get it twisted
I got connects like Federal Express
to get the fresh package of bless, tha dogs can\'t fetch
Got the clear spot from tha rear block
to bust til every nigga here drop, men I fear not
Hold ya nose and blow out til ya ears pop
Since ya crew suit you to shift now you claim that you get\'s lot
With, this underground cannabis
I\'m dangerous like John the bomb ***yst
Then proceeds like keys
My degrees freeze consecutively like EPMD LP\'s
Lick off a shot and hit ya fam by mistake
So I erase the whole front row at the wake
I planned my escape in case jake or a snake bust it
I\'m the one pushin the hearse in the first place
Confidence for you shaky ass folks
Pump for Rockafella for the day he got smoked
choke, off this anecdote got you ope
Get roast, by my lyrics Billy Dee .45 Coly
And I\'m out for nine nickel [INS tha rebels]
[West, list this, this, this...]

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Михаил Шуфутинский Памяти Вертинского

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Михаил Шуфутинский Мышонок

Михаил Шуфутинский Мышонок Текст песни (слова) Михаил Шуфутинский - Мышонок. Когда беседы каторжан умолкнут, Ко мне бежит из-за угла мышонок, Он ждет немного сухарей и хлеба, Один среди своих друзей он белый. Мышонок слушае......

15 04 2024 7:15:56

Ирина Аллегрова Занавес

Текст песни (слова) Ирина Аллегрова - Занавес. Дpуг недавний мой, скажи, Что с тобой мы сотвоpили, Почему мы нашу жизнь В пpедставленье пpевpатили? Hа глупую игpу истpатили таланты, И на чуж......

14 04 2024 21:32:21

Linkin Park My December

Linkin Park My December Текст песни (слова) Linkin Park - My December. this is my december This is my time of the year This is my december This is all so clear This is my december This is my snow covered home This i......

13 04 2024 0:39:22

Ляпис Трубецкой Африка

Ляпис Трубецкой Африка Текст песни (слова) Ляпис Трубецкой - Африка. Неизбежность войны предвкушает крах Если я говорю, значит он прав. Армагеддон - это больше чем страх Это любовь, это слезы и боль Твоих сыновей ......

12 04 2024 9:38:37

Согдиана Любовь Жива

Согдиана Любовь Жива Текст песни (слова) Согдиана - Любовь Жива. Каждый раз в снах моих ты со мной И ничего не страшно. Мне теперь в райский сад открыта дверь, Но нет там места для меня! Тебе отныне дом родн......

11 04 2024 21:30:41

Рождество Исповедь (Каюсь)

Рождество Исповедь (Каюсь) Текст песни (слова) Рождество - Исповедь (Каюсь). Скажите, в чем я провинился, когда на белый свет родился? Какой-то не такой, как все - жизнь бьет ключом и всё по голове... Ни дня по правилам не жи......

10 04 2024 7:16:40

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