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2Pac Letter 2 My Unborn

2Pac Letter 2 My Unborn

To my unborn child..
To my unborn child.. in case I don\'t make it
Just remember daddy loves you
{*talking in background*}
To my unborn child..
To my unborn..

Now ever since my birth, I\'ve been cursed since I\'m born to wild
in case I never get to holla at my unborn child
Many things learned in prison, blessed and still livin
Tryin to earn every penny that I\'m gettin, and reminiscin
to the beginnin of my mission
When I was conceived, and came to be in this position
My momma was a Panther loud, single parent but she proud
when she witnessed baby boy rip a crowd
To school, but I dropped out, and left the house
Cause my mama say I\'m good for nothin, so I\'m out
Since I only got one life to live, God forgive me for my sins
Let me make it and I\'ll never steal again, or deal again
My only friend is my misery
Wantin revenge for the agony they did to me
See my life ain\'t promised but it\'ll sure get better
Hope you understand my love letter, to my unborn child

[Chorus: sung, with 2Pac ad libs]
I\'m writing you a letter
This is to my unborn child
Wanna let you know I love you
Love you, if you didn\'t know I feel this way
How I, think about you every day
I have so much to say

Seems so complicated to escape fate
And you can never understand \'til we trade places
Tell the world I feel guilty to bein anxious
Ain\'t no way in hell, that I could ever be rapist
It\'s hard to face this, cold world on a good day
When will they let the little kids in the hood play?
I got shot five times but I\'m still breathin
Livin proof there\'s a God if you need a reason
Can I believe in my own fate
Will I raise my kids in the right, or the wrong way?
Dear mama I\'m a man now
I wanna make it on my own, not a handout
Make way for a whirlwind prophesized
I wanna go in peace.. when I gotta die
On these cold streets, ain\'t no love, no mercy, and no friends
In case you never see my face again
To my unborn child


Dear Lord can you hear me, tell me what to say
to my unborn seed in, case I pass away
Will my child get to feel love
Or are we all just cursed to be street thugs? Cause bein black hurts
And even worse if you speak first
Livin my life as an Outlaw, what could be worse?
Cause maybe if I tried to change
Who I\'m kiddin? I\'ma thug \'til I die, I\'ma rider mayne
Touch bases, eat lunch at plush places
Regular criminal oasis awaits us
If there\'s a ghetto for true thugs, I\'ll see you there
And I\'m sorry for not bein there
Just know your daddy was a soldier, me against the world
Bless the boys, and all my little girls
To the Lord I\'m eternal, restin in peace
Please take care of all my seeds, to my unborn child

[Chorus] - repeat to fade

[2Pac over Chorus]
To my unborn child.. please take of all my kids
My unborn child.. to my unborn child
This letter goes out to.. to the seeds that I might not get to see
cause of this lifestyle
Just know that your daddy loves you, got nuttin but love for you
All I wanted was for you have a better life than I did
That\'s why I was out here on a twenty-four hour 365 grind
When you get to be my age you\'ll understand
Just know I got love for you
And I\'ll see you up there in the ghetto heaven
Cause ghetto heaven gotta be there.. haha, take care
Run wild, but be smart
Follow the rules of the game
I know that sometimes it\'s confusin
The rules of the game is gonna get you through it, all day everyday
Watch out for these snakes and fakes, friends comin down the way..

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Наталья Королева Девичник

Наталья Королева Девичник Текст песни (слова) Наталья Королева - Девичник. Милые подруженьки вы - шитьё и кружево Сонные купаленки, золотые спаленки. Вы хотели истово стать любовью чистою, Под густыми ветками стать любовью......

09 05 2024 3:11:40

Scorpions Is Anybody There

Scorpions Is Anybody There Текст песни (слова) Scorpions - Is Anybody There. Open my mind let me find new vibrations Tell me the way I must take to reach my destination And a place where I can stay Where is the love of my li......

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Птаха Не бойся

Птаха Не бойся Текст песни (слова) Птаха - Не бойся. Птаха Пока на улице нет бога - я живу, Дышу отравой, ночами плохо сплю. Пока его нет я смотрю что происходит по хатам, Вспоминая крики жёлтых лю......

07 05 2024 2:13:50

Юрий Шатунов От белых роз

Юрий Шатунов От белых роз Текст песни (слова) Юрий Шатунов - От белых роз. На стене афиша в комнате пустой, Взрослая уже ты с детскою мечтой. Наизусть все песни знаешь и поешь, Но не быть вам вместе, как ты не поймешь? ......

06 05 2024 8:54:12

Bahh Tee Она-принцесса

Bahh Tee Она-принцесса Текст песни (слова) Bahh Tee - Она-принцесса. Она принцесса... изгнанная из своего же королевства... из его сердца... за неимением места среди пyтaн, шалав и прочей ереси... во мpaке комнаты......

05 05 2024 13:38:42

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