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Adele For an eternity

What does it to keep us together?
We love so strong it\'s like dying
Then we fight so hard we end up crying.
Who are you that I can\'t let you go?

Chorus-Why don\'t we let peace live between us and give ourselves a chance
Live in the largeness of love.

You fill me with ecstasy until
You leave me craving your will.
When will you end this up and down
I\'ve had enough of looking for you upptown.


I need you as a babe needs a mother\'s caress,
Your heart to me is like an act of theft,
Without your heart I am left bereft,
Give me all you have now I need you boy.
Chorus For all eternity you will be mine, I\'ll go to battle for what
To me. What troubles have I caused you to deserve this. There is no one who

Will love you like me. Chorus.

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