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2Pac Thugs Get Lonely Too

2Pac Thugs Get Lonely Too

Ha ha, ha ha
Yeh u crazy
See, it ain\'t easy bein\' me,
Life as a celebrity is less than heavily,
I got these fakes and these back-stabbers chasin\' me around,
And it\'s always drama,
Whevever I wanna get around,
Mama told me,
Long before I ever came up,
Gotta be true, to watchya\' do,
And keep ya\' game up,
\'Cause things change,
And jealousy becomes a factor,
Best friends at your wifes house tryin\' to MAC HER!
I\'m on tour,
But still they keep on knockin\' at my door,
And I got no time to worry,
I\'m steady wantin\' more,
Every day is a test, yes,
I try hard,
But I\'m strugg-a-lin\' with every breath,
I pray to God that the woman that I left at home,
All alone,
Ain\'t nothin\'like tryin\' to bone,over da\' phone
In my mind,
I can see her naked,
I can\'t take it,
Got me shakin\' at the thought that we can make it,
I thought you knew

Nate Dogg

Im rollin\' out on tour today, you gettin\' sad \'cause I\'m goin away (na ah ah)
Chicken heads wanna play with me, you gettin\' mad \'cause you think Im\'a sway(im\'a sway)
Some of \'em cute some of \'em fine, I hear \'em scream soon az i hit tha stage (na ah ah)
Still I be gettin\' lonely for you, I\'m comin\' home soon as I make this pay (make this pay)

I call you up long distance,
On the telephone,
I wanna tuck you in,
Even though I know I can\'t make it home,
I wisper things in ya\' ear,
Like your near me,
Wonder if you feel me,
From far away,
Or can you hear me,
It seems to me,
That ya\' jealous,
\'Cause I\'m hustlin\' and makin\' money,
With the fellas\',
In the back streets,
Tryin\' to trap me,
Thugs get lonely too!
But I\'m a soulja,
And theres no way I\'mma\' stop makin\' money,
\'Cause ya\' attitudes changed,
And ya\' actin\' a little funny,
Always complainin\',
Sayin\' we don\'t spend time,
Can\'t you see,
I got enough stress on my mind,
Hangin\' up like you all that,
And get mad when I\'m tell you that,
\'I\'m busy baby, call back,\'
Please, ain\'t nothin\' left to say to you,
Thugs get lonely too,

Nate Dogg

Im rollin\' out on tour today, you gettin\' sad \'cause I\'m goin away (na ah ah)
Chicken heads wanna play with me, you gettin\' mad \'cause you think Im\'a sway (ima sway)
Some of \'em cute some of \'em fine as f**k, I hear \'em scream soon az i hit tha stage (na ah ah)
Still I be gettin\' lonely for you, I\'m comin\' home soon as I make this pay (make this pay)

I sit alone in my room, drinkin\',
Without a dare,
Talkin out loud to ya\',
Like ya\' there,
Take ya\' picture out my back pocket,
Man it\'s on,
You the first face I wanna see,
When I get home,
I wanna love you \'till the sun rise,
Touchin\' every wall in the house,
Thug style,
Put ya\' hands on the head-board,
Think of me,
Drippin\' sweat on top of you,
Sick of scenes in yo\' head,
That I\'m makin\' love,
So turn the lights down,
Reminice \'n relax,
\'Cause baby right now,
I feel you in the middle of my stomach,
You wisper in my ear,
Baby tell me how you really want it,
Hold on tight,
Watch the ceiling,
Scratch my back,
How you react,
Lets me know you feel me,
\'Cause everythin\' I\'m givin\' to you,
Is so true,
Thugs get lonely too,
You know.


Yeh, thug life baby! Stay thuggin
Ay, so you remember that next time you sweatin me when I\'m on the road
Thugs get lonely too
We aint gotta go through all these bull***-ass problems
If you wanna be real with me, be real with me
If you wanna be fake, move onto the next
That ain\'t me
You know

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Текст песни (слова) Земфира - Так и оставим. плачь - я не откликнусь в этой квартире холодно слишком в эти минуты падает небо так и оставим боль тем и полезна что заставляет двигаться даль......

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Жак Энтони - ДОРОГО (Текст Песни, Слова) Текст Песни Жак Энтони - ДОРОГО Дорого! Дорого! Дорого! Дорого! Двигаться как-нибудь дорого! Говорить как-нибудь дорого! Выглядеть как-нибудь дорого!...

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Король и Шут Гoлые коки

Король и Шут Гoлые коки Текст песни (слова) Король и Шут - Гoлые коки. Не надо меня утешать, Это мне не поможет. Любимая дeвyшка очень Жестоко обидела. Стыдливое чувство меня Беспрестанно тревожит, Она меня с гoлыми......

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Филипп Киркоров Сколько, Сколько.

Филипп Киркоров Сколько, Сколько. Текст песни (слова) Филипп Киркоров - Сколько, Сколько.. Сколько жизней у любви, Знаешь, сколько, сколько, сколько? - Как огонь в твоей крови: Гаснет, чтоб гореть опять. И родится много раз, Знаешь, ско......

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Чайф А-то

Чайф А-то Текст песни (слова) Чайф - А-то. А ты прости меня, что я уже не тот, что пару лет назад, А ты прости, что я люблю всё те же песни вот уж столько лет подряд. И знаю, ты простишь мен......

02 06 2024 4:45:24

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