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2Pac Can U Get Away

2Pac Can U Get Away

[2Pac] Whassup? It\'s 2Pac. Can you get away?
Let me come swoop you up.
[girl] You know I got a man.
[2Pac] I know you got a man
but he ain\'t gon\' if I take you out.
[girl] Of course he gon\' mind.
[2Pac] Let me take you to lunch.
I\'ll have you back before he even get home;
before anybody see.
[girl] I can\'t. (Aww c\'mon!) He ain\'t gon\' let me.
[2Pac] Pleeeeeease...
[girl] Nah.
[2Pac] Oh aight. What\'s wrong with your eye?
Why you got on glasses?

Verse One: 2Pac

Ever since I met ya I could peep the pressure
It\'s like your man don\'t understand, all he does is stress ya
I can see your state of misery from the introduction
Ain\'t bout no suckin and touchin, just harmless discussion
Maybe we can see a better way, find a brighter day
Late night phone conversations -- would that be OK?
I don\'t wanna take up all your time, be the next in line
Tell me your size, let me find you things with you in mind
I can see you\'re cautious and I\'m careful not to scare you
But anticipation of love makin
got you shakin when I\'m standin near you
News of precision will prepare ya
In case you get scared, just ask the man in the mirror
Now the picture\'s getten clearer all he does is hit you hard
I tell you to leave him, and you tell me keep my faith in God
I don\'t understand, I just wanna bring ya home
I wonder should I leave you alone and find a woman of my own
All the homies tell me that you don\'t deserve it
I contemplate -- but in my heart I know you worth it
Tell me can you get away?

Ebony, can you get away?
C\'mon.. let\'s go.. can you get away?
Can you get away?

[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] I know, I know
[girl] And I can\'t get away
[2Pac] Just for a little while love
[girl] I\'m not happy here
[2Pac] I know it\'s hard but, can you get away?
[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] Let\'s go man, get up outta there
.. can you get away?
[girl] And I can\'t get away
[2Pac] Do you love him?
[girl] I\'m not happy here
[2Pac] Do you love that man?

Verse Two: 2Pac

Could it be my destiny to be lonely?
And checkin for these hoochies that be on me cause they phony
which you is different -- I got no need to be suspicious
Cause I can tell -- my life with you would be delicious
The way you lick your lips and shake your hips got me addicted
I\'m sittin here hoping that we can find some way to kick it
Even though I got your digits gotta struggle to resist it
Slowly advance and miss my chance not to miss it
You blow me kisses
when he ain\'t lookin, now your heart\'s tooken
My only wish is that you change your mind and he get shook
Wanna take you there but you scared to follow, come see tomorrow
Hoping I can take you through the pain and sorrow
Let you know I care -- that someone\'s there for your struggle
Depend on me, when you have needs or there\'s trouble
I wanna give you happiness and maybe even more
I told you before, no time to waste we can hook up at the store
Can you get away?

[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] I know it is
[girl] And I can\'t get away
[2Pac] Yeah you can
[girl] I\'m not happy here
[2Pac] You ain\'t happy huh ..can you get away?
[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] I know.. is he beatin on you?
[girl] And I can\'t get away
[2Pac] Did he punch you?
[girl] I\'m not happy here
[2Pac] Throwin you around the house?

Verse Three: 2Pac

I see you remiscin and I hope you listenin
In the position to pressure and offer competition
Me and you -- was meant to be my destiny, no longer lonely
Cause now it\'s on for you and me, all I can see
A happy home, that\'s my fantasy
But my reality is problems with your man and me
What can I do? Don\'t wanna lose you to the sucker
Cause if he touch ya, I got some drama for that busta
Don\'t wanna rush ya -- but make your mind up fast
Nobody knows -- or who controls will it last, before I ask
I hope you see that I\'m sincere, and even if you
stay with him today I\'m still here
I refuse to give up -- cause I believe in what we share
You\'re livin in prison and what he\'s givin can\'t compare
Cause everything I feel for you I wanna let you know
Passion it be yours and I\'ll never let you go
Tell me can you get away?

[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] Can\'t get away.. why?
[girl] And I can\'t get away
[girl] I\'m not happy here
[2Pac] Let me take you away
All I really know, can you get away?
[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] Man..
[girl] And I can\'t get away
[2Pac] Course you can get away
[girl] I\'m not happy here
[2Pac] If you really wanted to get away
you could get away

Outro: 2Pac

You ain\'t got to go through all this drama and this stress
with this old half a man, yaknowhatI\'msayin?
I ain\'t tryin to put you in a position
where you gotta give up your lifestyle for everything
you need but now.. he ain\'t even takin care of you
He beatin on you and ***; look how you look
too motha f**kin raw to be with that nigga, yaknowhatI\'msayin?
Shake that sucker to the left
Let me show you what this life is really about
YaknowhatI\'msayin? You need to be on first class
Need to be goin to Hawaii, seein the world
Seein what this world got to offer you
Not goin to, yaknowhatI\'msayin?
The emergency room, gettin stitches
cause this nigga done got jealous
Don\'t cry, it\'s all good

[girl] Can you take me from here?
[2Pac] Shake that nigga, get away!
[girl] Can you take me from here?
I\'ahhhhhm unhappy here
And I need you to show me love
Because it\'s so much pressure now
And I neeeeed to get awayyyheyyyeahhh

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Текст Песни, Слова - Буду твоей куклой вуду, Выбираешь ты сама. Чтобы ты сегодня со мной сделала, Буду твоей куклой вуду, Теперь эта ночь твоя. Я без ума от твоего колдовства. Первый...

15 04 2024 22:11:42

Егор Крид - Зажигалки (Текст Песни, Слова)

Егор Крид - Зажигалки (Текст Песни, Слова) Текст Песни Егор Крид - Зажигалки Губы немеют, я даже не знал, что она так умеет. Руки потеют на ее теле. Мне наплевать, я стерплю сто истерик. Увидел ее - сообщай о потере. Беру два бокала, мешаю к...

14 04 2024 1:27:16

Земфира Деньги

Земфира Деньги Текст песни (слова) Земфира - Деньги. Всем нужны деньги, а что такое деньги?! Уже который день я болею от обиды на людей, А на улице прекрасная весна! Деньги, а что такое деньги?! Отбр......

13 04 2024 2:11:45

Скриптонит - Я не улыбаюсь (feat. Юрик Четверг) (Текст Песни, Слова)

Текст Песни Скриптонит - Я не улыбаюсь ft. Юрик Четверг Припев: Я валяю Дypaка во имя интересов, Cyчки ждут моего звонка, чтоб снять мой стресс им. Я не улыбаюсь, ласки - хапки, трипы - б...

12 04 2024 1:55:33

Кристина Орбакайте Не Бей Любовь...

Кристина Орбакайте Не Бей Любовь... Текст песни (слова) Кристина Орбакайте - Не Бей Любовь.... День и ночь гангстеры в Гарлеме Виски пьют из-под полы. День и ночь дымя сигарами. Сыплют деньги на полы. И модный мотив каждый час оркестр подает......

11 04 2024 23:39:55

Король и Шут Ведьма и осёл

Король и Шут Ведьма и осёл Текст песни (слова) Король и Шут - Ведьма и осёл. В детстве цыганка мне одна Предсказала будто я, Если сильно полюблю, То любимого сгублю, Что измены не прощу И жестоко отомщу: Не специально, но......

10 04 2024 0:11:58

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