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Eminem Rap Game

Eminem Rap Game

by D-12 / 50 Cent

The Rap Game,
Hip hop 101,
The hardest 9 ta 5 you will ever have,
you can\'t learn this *** in no history book,
you ready to rap motherfucker,
you ready to sell your soul,

The rap game motherfucker...

Verse 1

I\'m a disrupted nigga, you made me crazy,
you should have slaved me as a baby,
behavin shadier the Wes Craven,
and you aint even gotta pay me,
I take pleasure of layin a nigga down daily,
you face me, drunk or sober, you\'ll faint fast,
i\'m never fucked up to where I cant whip your ass,
your neck will get snaped with bare hands,
fuck you, they say rappin is cool,
but fool just dont confuse it,
what happens is you\'s get rude and then I loose it,
i\'m scantless, I blow your two ears off the atless,
with a gat thats bigger then godzilla back nigga,
you are not will\'in, in fact, your through to ya factered (??),
a crack dealer, your president sends me smack
and got a mac 10 with it so I aint gotta rap,
i\'m thankfull for that, dont mistaken me black,
or you\'ll be stinkin in the back of a fuckin cadalak...

I\'m a get snuffed cause I aint said enough to pipe down,
I pipe down when the fuckin (Blanked) whipped out,
when I see that little (Blanked) dyke get sniped out,
lights out bitch, odioss, goodnight (Blowe)
now put that in your little pipe and bite down,
think for a minute cause the hype had died down,
that I wont go up in the oval office right now,
and flip whatever aint tied down upside down,
i\'m all for America, fuck the government,
tell that seat of laws, tell that slut ta suck a dick,
motherfucker ducked, what the fuck, son of a bitch,
take away my gun, i\'m gonna talk some other ***,
cant tell me *** about the tricks of this trade,
switch blade with a little switch to switch blades
and switch from a 6 to a 16 inch blade,
the ***s like a samari sword, a censay,
*** just dont change til this day,
i\'m this way still tell a ut-slay itch-bay,
uck-say my ick-day, excuse my igg-pay,
addenlay, but uck-fay, you itch-bays...


this rap game, this rap game,
I aint sell\'in my soul for this rap game,
now I aint digg\'in no hole for this rap game,
but i\'m tellin ya no it aint happenin..

this rap game, this rap game,
I aint sell\'in my soul for this rap game,
I aint digg\'in no hole for this rap game,
this rap game, this rap game...

Verse 2

I\'d rather, drink and drown in my own iniquity,
but fuck that, i\'m gonna rap till yall get sick of me,
and clutch my nut sack, on you all that pick on me,
i\'ma pitt and rott mixed, fuck the dogs you sic on me,
i\'m saying you motherfuckers, dont know\'ith, who playin,
if i\'m broke, then i\'m brakin open the place where you layin,
you know, same she every nigga done in his life,
I live it, that\'s why I speak on all the *** that I write,
so why, should I, ever fear another man, if he bleed like I bleed,
take a piss and he stand, ok you win, you can say we cant rap,
but no Source never made me not buy a album
when they say it was wack...

I walk in the party and just start bustin,
right after I hear the last verse of self destruction,
this liquer makes me wanna blast the chrome,
to let you know that time without morse dangerom (??), (nigga)
I low down and shifty, quickly call swifty,
to do a drive-by on the ten speed with fifty,
you feelin lucky squeeze, I catch you outside of chucky cheese,
with you see (??) who be unlucky G, my lifestyle is unstable,
a partyin addict, they said no fightin in the club
so I brought me a matic, coughin the static,
I jump nigga\'s call me a rabbit,
pop in the tavern and guns are so just irratic...


believe me, we run this rap *** forchezy,
make makin millions look easy,
everywhere you turn you see me,
you hear me..

believe me, you see my pistol and three dead,
no time to call the peace treaty,
dial 911 cause you need the...,
police to help you, believe me,

Verse 3

I haft to tunnel from the side walk and piss on the curve,
this is absurd, these street nigga\'s twistin my words,
we finally could say goodbye to Hollywood,
cause boots and shine pants, is nothin in commin,
the nastiest man, with gats in each hand,
we never bow down to be a flashin a pig (??),

no one must, fuck this statue dawg,
nothin to do with hands when I clap with yall,
put your job on the ground (??), then the dog in the pound (??),
then i\'m goin out of town, for the law come around,
so we can battle with raps, we can battle gats,
matter a fact we can battle with placks,


This rap game


i\'m too fuckin retarted, I dont give a fuck about my dick,
thats why I date Lorrena Bobbett,
my crew had a arguement who was the largest,
now they all is dead now I roll as a solo artist,
plus I made the beats and wrote all the raps,
well I really didnt but I did according to this contract,
I was thrown in the snow with no where to go,
freezin 20 below forced to join Bel Biv Devoe,
my little girl, she should\'nt listen to these lyrics,
thats why I glued these headphones to her ears,
to make sure she hear it,
if rap don\'t work i\'m startin a group with Garth Brooks,
sing the hook... (??)


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Михаил Шуфутинский Черный Пистолет

Михаил Шуфутинский Черный Пистолет Текст песни (слова) Михаил Шуфутинский - Черный Пистолет. Хожу пижоном с газовым баллоном От элемента спасу просто нет Хожу пижоном, скоплю деньжонок Куплю конечно черный пистолет Черный пистолет, с ним......

23 06 2022 16:55:31

Валерий Меладзе Два-ноль-ноль-ноль

Валерий Меладзе Два-ноль-ноль-ноль Текст песни (слова) Валерий Меладзе - Два-ноль-ноль-ноль. Залетела к нам гoлyбка В незакрытое окно, Но всего одну минутку Побыла со мной. Я ее манил напрасно, Спелых зерен подсыпал, Видно кто-то в небе ......

22 06 2022 19:42:39

Зара Там, где течёт река

Зара Там, где течёт река Текст песни (слова) Зара - Там, где течёт река. Будет свет, будем я и ты Посреди этой пустоты С неба я снегом упаду Босиком по воде пройду Припев: Мне гореть звездой Утром на заре Там, где ......

21 06 2022 4:13:14

ESTRADARADA - Love is (Асфальт) (Текст Песни, Слова)

Текст Песни ESTRADARADA - Love is (Асфальт) Турбаза «Дружба», Крым, запомнится нам двоим. Вот так встреча, любовь и вечность. Ты чуть выше, на два года старше. Ты так дышишь, я помню запах....

20 06 2022 15:57:25

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